Person Centred Expressive Arts


Expressive Arts includes: Writing, Painting, Drawing, using Photos, Sound,

Moving our bodies, Drama and more...


To connect with our Innate Creativity. (We are all creative)

To develop courage to trust in our Intuition when it calls us to Be Creative   

For personal development Explore ourselves, Access hidden parts and qualities, express and Release and See what is underneath..!

To meet our inner critique... commonly known to be saying such things as: Why are you wasting your time with this! You can't paint/write/act etc this is selfish! What is the point!! etc

To Connect with our Inner child, Innocence and Child like-ness

To Create & Develop Integral, Soul Connected Artwork (Embodiment)

To have Fun!


You know Art is why I get up in the morning..

(Ani Difranco)

The intuitive process

The process of making art involves the right hemisphere of the brain enabling simple, quick & direct access to the unconscious. Our art can (safely) reveal what we do not know, it tells the truth and cannot lie. The wonderful thing about this work/play is that it is powerful, there is no intellectual analysis, no words to hide behind.  Art communicates itself often in a way that speaks to us easily and directly.


Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.

 (Jalal Ud- Din Rumi) 



Judgements/Interpretations and Diagnosis

Being person centred, this way of working does not interpret, judge or diagnose. If for  e.g. paint something that is all black, it does not necessarily indicate you are depressed!

I trust that the Truth and Message of what has been created, lies with it's Creator. I facilitate ways to explore and access art for self understanding this may even take the form of using other art forms such as movement or writing to respond to your work.



Expressive Arts are suitable for Adults and Children.

No artistic experience is required. There is no emphasis on technique or style the emphasis is on the process of creating.

Even as adults some of us may find it difficult to talk about our feelings or we may have had years of talking therapies and still feel blocked in certain areas ...  Using art, awareness, felt senses and insights can be gotten quickly sometimes instantly with safety and support.

On the whole children are more in touch with their creative selves, yet they may struggle to be able to articulate their feelings, understand what is happening around them ( for e.g. in divorce) or be able to ask for what they need. Expressive arts can be a gentle way for children to recognise needs, feelings and support. Provide a safe and appropriate outlet for thoughts and feelings and allow children to connect with internal and source external  resources.

My connection to art.

During my own journey of healing, nature and art have been my good and constant companions. As a child I wrote poems, sang, painted, danced, performed comedy, mainly for my own entertainment and sometimes for others. I did not consciously know it at the time but I was finding ways to express myself, explore my world, create magic, release emotion and tend to my soul. The ability of using art as medicine has stayed with me throughout my life. I attended creative group therapy for several years,  (so I know how it is to be a client) explored Person Centred Art Therapy (Liesel Silverstone), incorporating this into my own process and later trained in Person Centred Expressive Arts (Natalie Rodgers).



 Are completely confidential.

I facilitate small groups and offer one to one sessions for Adults and Children.





£45 per hour concessional rates are available please ask.

All materials are provided.

There can be no knowledge without emotion. 

We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have

felt it's force it is not ours.   

To the cognition of the brain must be added the experience of the soul  (Arnold Bennett).