I qualified as an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner in 2010. I hold a diploma in Vibrational Medicene. Please see the About Me page for more on training and experience.

This website is now undergoing change as I personally change.

 I have transitioned away from selling essences to offering intuitive energy consultations which may include prescribed essences. This is a more direct, and aligned way of working with my own energies and clients.... and is ultimately much quicker to aid integration and transform energies. 

 I offer

A Safe, Loving and Sacred space where I hope to assist you to understand your-self, your journey and what maybe most helpful to you for this time.

It is my perspective...

That we have incarnated into situations that can, at times feel very challenging and at times overwhelming. 

Growing up and navigating life often means we feel we have  to adapt and fit it in order to feel accepted, valued, loved or just safe.  This process often creates difficulties and traumas which means that so many of us have had to deny or repress vital parts of ourselves. 

When this happens we can experience anything from emotional pain to physical health problems.  By beginning the process of becoming aware of our feelings, trusting and valuing them we can begin to understand what we may be unconsciously believing and creating in our lives . 

Recovery, Integration & Healing

We can learn to how to transform our lives so that things become easier, so we can trust, for ourselves that we are in a process. We can learn that sometimes we have a choice and are more powerful than we think. And ,we can learn to connect with our own personal form of spiritual truth  to help love,guide and support us though it all.  



To book a Consultation

Contact me via email on the contact page of this website 

Consultations Are Available:-

By phone: Convenient and provides immediate contact.  Please email to make a telephone appointment.

In person: I offer face to face sessions.  These sessions can give the additional opportunity of being able to connect Creatively with your-self and your essence/s via gentle, Intuitive Art Processes.

By Skype or Zoom: Connect with me from anywhere in the world 


How I work

                                                       I lean towards person centred ways of working which is different to many approaches.  This way of working has a deep respect for client choice and personal power. I trust that we each have the our own inner wisdom and I am interested in helping people experience, develop and know this for themselves.

I hold a Safe, Empathic space where I can Deeply Listen to you and where you may be able to Understand and Hear yourself too. 

  I work according to what is needed for each person and may offer sessions which allow you to explore issues via non verbal methods such as movement or art (please see my page about Person Centred Expressive Arts in the menu).

I am able to tune into your person energy field,  offer my Intuitive impressions where appropriate and then assist you in identifying unconscious beliefs and patterns which can be holding you back.


Consultations  £48  

 If an essence is prescribed you will receive a  30 ml dosage bottle of selected essence/s which is  posted 1st class to you. This is included in the Consultation fee.

Reduced Fees

Reduced fees of £28 apply to:-

Children (under 16) 

Those on minimum wage or dependent on pension/benefits.

Please note: if you feel you would benefit from a Consultation and cannot afford the reduced fee, please contact me anyway to discuss possible options.