So What are these things called Flower Essences?

A Flower Essence is known as the living energy, life force or vibrational imprint of a flower, that is suspended in water, diluted and preserved with alcohol.




How do they work?

 A brief summary of how flower essences work is mentioned on the home page.  I would say that exactly how essences work is not fully known.  My understanding is that by ingesting, meeting and absorbing the life force energy of a flower, the vibrational imprint of that  flower impacts our own vibration and energy system.  This model is based on the understanding that we are all energy beings.  We are using life force soul energy to affect our own life force and soul journey.  

The result of taking an essence is always positive ( there may be some feeling to process along the way). Unlike homeopathy there are no side effects.  Flower essences are used to raise conciousness, they can help release guilt, unhelpful patterns/addictions, hatred and fear, open to love, stimulate self healing, develop spiritually, be still, clear trauma, clear space and so much more.. there is a flower for ever ill. Harnessing the light and harmony contained in nature's flowers enables an influence of subtle bodies which transforms the energy patterns in the body... and ultimately raises conciousness.

Essences are mainly known to assist with emotional difficulties for e.g. Bach's Rescue Remedy is quite well known for emotional shock and trauma.  It is good to know that essence work on all levels. As multi - dimensional being we exist and operate on different levels and essences can and often do result in assisting  with  physical conditions as well.


 I don't like using alcohol is there an alternative?

Yes. Only small amounts of alcohol are used. Please contact me to ask for an alternative.

If you have had a consultation and are having a bespoke, dosage essence made for you. Pls let me know that you would like an alcohol free version.


How are these essences made?

1. The Living Method

Each essence is made by attuning to and harnessing energy from the  plant as a whole. It does not involve cutting or harming the plant in anyway. The result is an Integral essence that contains all aspects of the plant and one that has been regarded with the utmost Gentleness Respect and Care.

2. Organic Ingredients

All other ingredients used to complete the essence are Certified Organic.

~ High Quality Organic Cognac

~ Highland Water which runs through organic land

The only tiny exception is Elderberry Essence which was growing next to a Sacred Spring, this water was used in the original blend and it is potentised in Organic Water

~  Certified Essential Oils (in Mist and Oils). Only high grade, naturally distilled oils are used.

(No absolutes). 

Largely sourced from Fragrant Earth and Materia Aromatica.

Elf Light Essences are in the process of being part of the British Flower & Vibrational Essence  Association (BFVEA).


 What is the difference between a Stock Concentrate bottle and a dosage bottle?

Stock Concentrates are a concentrated  strength of essence. Made up of equal parts of 50% alcohol and water.  Stock Bottles will last for ten years or more.

Dosage Bottles contain smaller amounts of alcohol and have a shelf life of no more than 6 weeks.  Ideally they should be stored in a fridge.

Do they work? Isn't this just a Placebo effect?  Do I have to believe in all this 'new age energy' stuff for it to work?

It is a common misconception that Flower Essences work by 'faith',  

RAINDROP BY  JAY SIOUX and sadly many large health organisations take this view.  However this view is not at all accurate. Simply put, Babies, Animals and even Plants are all highly receptive to essences and often showing benefits more quickly that complex adults.

There is much evidence to show the (often profound) healing effects of essences,  (these can be found via web searches).  In addition, there is the work of  Masaru Emo showing the possiblities of water memory. Essences work via sympathetic resonance which is a form of vibrational medicene, similar to homeopathy. 


Do I need to believe in them to work?


Are they safe?


How do I know if they are working?

The effects of essences can be powerful and sometimes subtle it can be easy to be feeling differently about things and be in a different 'place' without really knowing how we got there. This can be the case with many therapies. We look back and realise we have changed but cannot quite pinpoint the how? why ? when?...

And we don't have to know.. but following change with essences can be enlightening, interesting and empowering.  Noticing and recording dreams, keeping a journal of thoughts and feelings all help towards this.

It can be  particularly powerful to use essences in combine with meditation, visulisation and affirmations. 


How do I use essences?

Elf Light Essences are sold in Stock Concentrate (10ml) bottles. 

For emergency/acute periods you can take straight from bottle or in water

Ensure dropper/ pipette does not touch mouth

5 drops,  3 times per day for Elf Light Essences. (Frequent use is important).

 Making up a dosage bottle

(for Elf Light Essences only)

Using an appropriate, sterilised bottle

Fill with alcohol 20 % and the rest with water leaving a little room for a few drops of stock essence

Add 5 drops of stock essence

Leave the essence to settle for at least 3 hours and ideally 24 hrs

Label for safe use


Is it ok to give someone else essence to help them out without them knowing?

 I admit it .. I have had the fantasy of  adding some essences to the uk's water system!!:) but ............................I would not do this!:)

Essences need to be an informed choice. While we may feel, understandably, that a friend might be helped by a certain essence and feel tempted to pop a few drops into their cuppa.. by doing this we have then taken away their own responsibility and personal power. 




It takes time for an Elf Light Essence to be born and be available in the big wide word! Whilst the core meaning of each essence is understood almost immediately, time is taken to develop a full attunement and understanding of each essence.




























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