Bringing a little bit of Light and Loving Calm to the Season.... 

Christmas time can be difficult for many.  Shopping, Cooking, Visiting Aunitie B ....often feeling like we have to please everyone. It is a time when we may feel we should be at our Merriest yet we may feel at our lowest.  For many, it is commonly an anniversay of the passing of loved one.  Traditionally a time to be with friends and family and yet it can be one of the loneliest times of the year....

Christmas Calm Essence is a blend of Elf Light Vibrational Essences which offer sprinkles of light to:-

Give Confidence & to help Loosen and Lighten our Hearts (Borage)CHIRSTMAS CALM MIST SPRAY

Support us through Grief and Loneliness

Enhance awareness and change patterns around  unhelpful Family dynamics

Learning to Love and Nurture ourselves ( Snowdrop)

Alignment with our inner most selves and the Divine

Centering & Connecting with our own needs

(Japanese Anemone)

Protection against negativity/toxic environments and people 

(Wild Garlic) 


Christmas Calm Essence is a available in drops and in lovely, aromatic misting bottles.

Misting sprays contain Certified Organic Essential Oils which have been specifically chosen for matching  healing properties

MIST not currently available... but the Christmas Calm Drops are!