My life experiences have enabled me to empathise and relate sensitively to others.  I  feel fortunate to have fostered a deep capacity for compassion and love. 

These days I have interest in finding ways to be and stay present on this earth and, in my heart, to trust and relax into this loving Universe, knowing that every apparent difficulty.. truly is a gift. I value Gentleness, Beauty, Rawness and Congruence, Silence, Belly Laughs, the Sacredness in all things and ...LOVE.

 I originally trained and worked as a Nurse until my own experience of chronic illness led me to move beyond conventional medicine.                    This journey of over 30 years has introduced me to a wider perspective of healing and recovery. I have training and experience in Shamanic Movement, Chakra Basti, NLP, Placement/Feng Shui/Creative Design, Reiki, Person Centred Counselling and a wide range of Person Centred Expressive Arts.                                                                                                                          Eleven years ago I followed my craving for Green Grass, Space, Silence and Wild nature and moved to Beautiful Cumbria. In Cumbria, I found myself obsessed with... Flowers! I spent a couple of years of photographing, growing and making art from flowers, during this mildly obsessive(!) and intimate time with flowers... I began to receive information from flower spirits. This lead me to create my first Flower Essence and undertake  a Diploma in Vibrational Medicine accredited by the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Association.

I am now at home, in my home... living and working in the green heart of Wales:)  

UPDATE: As some of you will know...At the end of  2011, I experienced an extreme series of circumstances that involved car crashes, suicides and illness. I suddenly lost pretty much everyone around me and then my partner of 9 years was diagnosed with cancer. Soon after my body gave way to the shock and loss. Since then this website and work has been closed. Thanks to time, spirit, hope, new friends and much more, another series of circumstances have now unfolded.  Thanks to these things and support I am now able to re-open this site so Elf Light Essences can be in the world again!:) 

 Jay is also an Artist.  Her visual art work can be seen and purchased at


Flower Spirit Photographs can be viewed on this website CLICK HERE.