Evening Primrose (Oenothera Bie ): Good Love


Indicated for :-

Core Abandonment

Experience of being Poorly Mothered/Unmothered

Experience of not being wanted whilst in utero or almost aborted

Feeling deeply unwanted

Having relationships that feel unhealthy because we fear there is no-one else and we do not want to be alone

Being alone because we fear Rejection (and maybe tell ourselves we don't need anyone anyway .....or we are not good enough ....or better than others)

Fear/ difficulty in making friends

Feeling Rejected in social situations

General feeling or actual experiencing of Poverty/Honelessness/Lack of food//Emotional support/Rigid ideas about Frugal living (can be intellectualised as being 'green' or 'sensible' about money)

Not knowing how to or bothering to look after ourselves

Taking /Using alcohol/drugs/cigarettes/ sex to have some kind of relationship with people and feel less scared


Evening Primrose is a strong vibrant plant that has the most amazing quality of light in it's is a creamy yellow petals.

This essence makes connections between our experiences and beliefs around lack of love and our potential for 'Good Love'.

Evening Primrose connects us to:-

To Divine Universal Unconditional Love, a feeling of knowing we are very much loved. This connection, also guides the experiences, people and places in our lives to develop the capacity to trust love, allow love and to know the right love for us when we see it.                                                                                                                       Often such issues arise around the time of the Menopause, Evening Primrose is particularly supportive at this time allow. This essence can bring new understanding to old experiences of abuse and neglect. Evening Primrose supports, nurtures and allows us to let in all the love we can handle!